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​​2018 ​Teams

Our MC

​​2016 ​Winners

2016 ​Teams

The Family Jewels
Lady and the Tramps
​These Eyes
​Ladies Unleashed
What Fore
​Par then bar
Sharlee’s Angels
​We Don't Golf As Good As We Look
Golf Scouts
Rocks Angels
​The BIN Reps
​The Contenders
​Multiple Foregasm
​Par-tee On

4th Annual Golf Tournament

Cedarhill Golf and Country Club

Saturday, August 17, 2019

​​2017 ​Winners

Annual Golf Tournament

Mighty Mighty  Bostons
​Sharlee's Angel's
The Family
The Close Enoughs
Buds Fore
Fore Bitches
​Angry Birds
​VRs multiple foregasm
​Mutt Cutts
​Doggy Dog World
Copper & Lucy
​Golf Scouts

​​2018 ​Winners

​​2017 ​Teams

​​2019 ​Teams

 Golf Scouts

The Excavators
​Stans Drivers
Doggone It!
Fore Bitches 
Out of Hounds
​Fore Paws
DS Plumbing
Fore Play
Talentless Beauties
​Jenkins Hard Wood
Golf Scouts
Sharlee's Angel's
Long Balls
The 4 Tennis Players
Doggy Style

 Golf Scouts

Fore Bitches 
​Jenkins HardWood
​Grip it, Stroke it
Golf Scouts
The Family

I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie
The runaway Birdies!
Ditch Pigs Hockey Club
The Mavericks
Weapons of Grass Destruction
Multiple Fore-gasms
Who's Your Caddy

Crazy Canucks